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Our founding member, Monica, has a passion for not only Mathematics but also human potential and personal excellence. Monica studied a full-time four-year B.SC Mathematical Sciences that majored in Actuarial Sciences, Mathematical Statistics and Mathematics (specialising in Calculus). A UK qualified teacher, she currently tutors as well as teaching in both mainstream and private schools in Oxford. With her guidance and support, our tutors are equipped to expertly guide you to not only conquer the challenges of GCSE Mathematics but also discover the joy and satisfaction that comes with mastering this essential subject.

How we work

Our tutoring programs follow a holistic approach to establishing your starting point and defining your goals. An initial assessment, written in the exam board that you follow, will highlight the key areas of focus and development needed.

Depending on the plan you choose, you will have access to our weekly online tutoring lessons that covers topics that are guaranteed to appear as well as 'high frequency' topics and those topics only covered / needed for Grades 7 – 9 (Grade 9 being the highest Grade obtainable).

I addition, you can select when to book your weekly / bi-weekly one-to- one tutoring sessions where we will focus on your unique areas of challenge and review your progress.

You will have a unique login to our site, where you can leave comments, book sessions, upload assessments for feedback, follow your progress and see what group lessons will feature for the week. In addition, you and your mentor / carer / parent will receive weekly updates following your one-to-one tutoring lessons and reminders of tutoring lessons that will feature for the week.

You will have access to previous and recorded lessons of both your own and group sessions, depending on the plan you choose.

We restrict the number of students that we accept in our tutoring programmes to enable us to best support and guide our students. It also enables us to personally review assessments and review homework tasks from both your school and tutoring with us, as well as guide you in how to answer questions to receive the maximum marks available, underpinned by the knowledge of your exam board preferences and requirements.

We look forward to welcoming you to our mathematics family and for you to start your journey as part of the top achievers in mathematics in the United Kingdom!

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